Studio ZX
Studio ZX
936 Sainte-Catherine East

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

lun / mon, sam / sat

Performing arts


STUDIO ZX is a creation and dissemination platform serving a new generation of artists whose vision, audacity and passion no longer need to be demonstrated.

Victor and Henri Bertrand-Ouellette founded the organization in 2019 to enable independent performance artists in Montreal to access their full potential to create value.

Employing exclusively artists and professionals from marginalized communities, ZX aspires to build a more inclusive, richer, and more representative world of performance.

Approach and works on display

Destination Z is a massive multidisciplinary work that transports its audience into a captivating narrative universe. By day, the environment offers a free-to-explore experience that is accessible to participants of all ages and that will enchant any human, non-human, or from any of the 5 corners of the explored universe, guaranteed!

At nightfall, the environment is activated to transport passengers to faraway, more-than-real and never-before-imagined lands. You are then invited to these nightlife experiences that will give back its meaning and its fervor to the tireless quest for escape.

Works by the artist

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