Tiffany Wong
courtesy of the artist
100 Saint-Antoine West

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

Artistic residency completed in fall 2022

Visual arts


Tiffany Wong is an emerging artist whose art practice focuses on painting. She lives a rich life as the daughter of Hong Kong immigrants immersed in Montreal’s unique French and English environment. As the mother of two children under 5, she lives a very full and busy life.

She began to pursue Painting and Drawing and Animation in 2008 at Concordia University and has also specialized in 3D modelling at Campus ADN following her graduation in 2012. These days, she mainly focuses on her first love, which is painting.

In 2018, she was awarded the Prix de Relève at Mtl en Arts. Her work is collected in homes and businesses across Canada and the USA.

Approach and works on display

Patience and intuition guide Tiffany Wong’s process which begins even before the surface’s first marks. Foraged plants and kitchen scraps boil for hours before she binds it with gum arabic. Sometimes, the pools of natural inks that she makes herself converge with China ink, referencing Chinese ink wash paintings, as a nod to her cultural heritage. Using natural earth pigments, she builds tension in her work between thick and transparent marks, as an emotional response – her painting is confessional and personal. Intent on communicating the passage that she’s narrating, the memory that she’s recollecting, her work stops short of representation. Nearing the end of the piece, she subtracts and obscures her marks as a form of editing with transparent coats of paint, gold leaf or embroidered shapes. Her process is forgiving and meditative, while also being escapist. Tiffany wishes to impart that same comfort and pause to the viewer by transporting them outside of their subjective experience.

Works by the artist

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