Safae Kotbi

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

Artistic residency completed in fall 2022

Digital arts | Painting


Sfiya is a self-taught visual artist of Moroccan origin. She immigrated to Quebec in 2016 and worked as an interior designer and book illustrator before focusing fully on her artistic career.

Sfiya is part of a new wave of committed artists working for the cultural decolonization of the communities they come from.

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions including “Femmes cachées” at Ausgang in Montreal, “Urbanités” at Espace Contemporain de Québec and “Dos à Dos, Face à Face” at the Institut National Art contemporain gallery in Montreal.

Sfiya also organized a first solo exhibition in October 2021 and is now preparing a second exhibition scheduled for fall 2023.

Approach and works on display

Sfiya explores the notion of intercultural identity in the diasporic experience between the Maghreb and Canada. She breaks with the commonly held orientalist representation of the Maghreb and proposes a more authentic and complex reconstruction of identity that includes the mutating values produced by interculturality.

Her approach is singular, more theoretical, but no less artistic. The result is symphonic paintings of notable intellectual depth.

Sfiya is an intimist painter who offers us close-ups of her characters. Her aesthetic approach is maximalist. The repetition of abstract forms and cultural symbols gives rhythm to her compositions. A very great chromatic power marks the spectators. This rage of colors makes her works easily recognizable.

Sfiya gives great importance to the scenography. She chooses the mode of existence of each of her works and imagines the universe in which they are located as the ultimate work of her exhibition.

Works by the artist

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