Constantinos Giannoussis and Murad Alimov
il/he/him et il/he/him
courtesy of the artist
courtesy of the artist
152 Rue Napoléon

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

Artistic residency completed in fall 2022

Media arts


Constantinos Giannoussis is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist, based in Montreal. Through installation, sculpture and painting he explores topics related to memory and desires. His work often weighs between the relationships of tradition / progress, homosexuality / orthodox culture, comfort / excitement and empathy / narcissism.

Giannoussis holds a DEC in Painting and Drawing from Dawson College and a BA in Visual Arts from Concordia University.

MURAD ALIMOV is Chechen-Russian-Canadian poet based in Montreal. He came to Canada in 2017. His poetry is a collection of his life experiences. Most of them are related to love, religion and self-acceptance. Murad has B.A. in Journalism from Chechen State University. In 2013, he presented his poems at the Ministry of mass media of Chechen Republic (Grozny).

Approach and works on display

Constantinos Giannoussis’s work is particularly sensitive to topics related to the diasporic experience and the mnemonic capacities of spaces and objects. His installation, sculpture and painting work begins with the search for and through memory, its acknowledgment, honouring and perpetuation. Sampling from spaces, textures, personal experiences, socio-cultural researches, histories and narratives Giannoussis’s work interrogates the boundaries of remembrance and how it relates to desires and ambivalences to hide or reveal what is internalized.

Involving referential imagery or found objects and their reproduction, Giannoussis makes projects that speak through their materiality. Intuitively driven, their creation sees the works transform drastically until they come to stand, almost as individuals who share a perspective, initiate reflection through aesthetic experience.

Murad’s work is about healing and self-love. In his poetry, Murad tells the stories of his life by channeling and exploring the different facets of his personality. Using topics such as relationships, love, religion and sex he tries to understand the fundamental desires people have regardless of culture, religions or sexual orientation. His favourite Russian poets are Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva.

Works by the artist

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