Edith Viau
courtesy of the artist
936 Sainte-Catherine East

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

Artistic residency completed in fall 2022

Media arts


After studying mathematics and finance, Edith Viau (Québec, Canada) became obsessed with markets and how they work and shape us. To explore this obsession, she started the _finartcialist_ project, with the goal of exhausting the topic. She was a participant at the MUTEK AI Art Lab in 2020 and her work was shown at Wordhack (Babycastles, NYC).

Approach and works on display

FINARTCIALIST is an attempt to exhaust finance. Started as a sound art project aiming at sonifying public data related to finance, this project is articulated in different mediums, mainly digital.

Exhausting finance, looking at it one last time and saying goodbye. To go beyond finance, to go further than it, to re-invent the wheel. Here, art becomes a method of investigation on everything that touches the human, and on what the human touches, feels, lives – and avoids.

Works by the artist

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