Mossy Fae Sustainable Arts Society
Jean Bernard
1637, Rue Saint-Denis

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

Artistic residency completed in fall 2022

Performing arts


Mossy Fae is an arts collective that creates cross-disciplinary musical performances, accompanying music songs/videos, and sustainable arts initiatives. Their work aims to engage the community and build bridges between knowledge holders, students, grassroots organizations, educational institutions and people in need.

Approach and works on display

Mossy Fae creates costumes, props and sets mostly from recycled materials, and actively seeks the participation of indigenous people and cultural minorities. We collaborate with local artists and artisans to create performances that empower individuals across cultural and socio-economic divides. *We are interested in exploring themes such as the divine feminine, the sacralization of minimalism, food sovereignty, grassroots movements, gender fluidity, transcendental dance, decolonizing theater, social responsibility, motherhood culture, community education, cultural democracy and the protection of our lands and waters.

Works by the artist

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