Le Nouveau International
Deirdre Trudeau
1637, Rue Saint-Denis

Jours de présence
/ Days of presence

Artistic residency completed in fall 2022

Performing arts


Le Nouveau International is a performing arts organization founded by Mark Louch, Alain Mercieca and Sandi Armstrong. We produce plays, the MTL Sketchfest, improv workshops, original and bilingual publications and films with the aim of creating and distributing artistic productions that push the limits while being accessible. Our activities are mainly based at the Sainte-Catherine Theater, which doubles as a collective center and encourages collaboration and artistic partnerships between the members of the dynamic group of artists involved, whether they come from Quebec or other parts of the continent, or even the world. Our productions and programming are designed to make culture accessible to the community and to stimulate the artistic creation of all who enter our premises.

Approach and works on display

Along with the Sainte-Catherine Theatre, Le Nouveau International is often considered a theater of first chances. Artists with diverse profiles, backgrounds and experiences have the opportunity to perform by renting the room or taking part in improv shows. In this additional residency space, Le Nouveau is able to offer its community of artists more activities, meetings or workshops on relevant themes that do not always have time to be addressed in the context of a program of shows.

Works by the artist

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