“Shadow Work” Halloween Party
Friday October 28 | 8pm
Place : 2105 Sainte-Catherine Street East

Halloween Party around the theme of ‘Shadow Work’ by C.G Jung • Halloween Costumes are encouraged. Music & DJ Sets by Backwood Studio from 8PM – 2AM. +Shadow Performance & Art exhibition ?

$10 tickets available online • $15 at the doors

?‍? Backwood Studio brings an immersive environment and a full night of music, with DJ sets by VOLUM, Mr. Lombardi, LIAM ALONE, Wellon, Timo and more. https://www.backwoodmtl.com

? Madelyn Capozzi curates and performs with Marianne Rouche and Eva Giard, drawing on themes and methods from The Festival of Fools (Sept 21 – Nov 20). http://valuecollective.org/fools/

Shadow Art + Performance ?
Repressed for the sake of the ego-ideal, our shadow carries all those traits that do not fit our self-image, and often remains untamed, unexplored territory. ‘Shadow Work’ brings to light the varied expressions of local artists who dare to dip their brush into this dark, disorderly and dangerous pot of ink. It seeks to challenge the stigma surrounding those banished parts of ourselves, to illuminate one’s inner demand for a descent into the underworld, and to lead us back to our buried potential.

With collaborative support of:
Art Souterrain providing a temporary venue in a vacant storefront through their program, Creer des ponts.

Value Collective, which offers resources and support for work that is valuable, but not profitable. http://valuecollective.org/

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